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Raspberry Pi support in Xojo

In the keynote Xojo Inc. announced upcoming support for Raspberry Pi support. That's great to hear and seems like a good idea after they got LLVM to build for ARM CPUs for iOS support and already have a Linux target. They have of course to rebuild their framework code targeting ARM Linux and add to the IDE functions to have a new checkbox for Linux on ARM. The framework itself should be an easy recompile.

On the plugins side, I really hope they just allow us to build plugins using the existing Plugin SDK for Linux. The source code is there for Linux on x86, so I'd assume same code in the framework would work on ARM. This way I could install a Linux copy here with cross compiler to ARM and rebuild all my plugins for it.

So once Linux ARM target is available and Xojo Inc. allows us to use an updated plugin SDK with a linux ARM cross compiler, I could let the computer spend a couple of hours to rebuild all my MBS Plugin classes for that.

We could use Rasppery Pis with Xojo to host our web apps or run console apps to do things in background. They could use MBS Plugins for charts, utilities, PDF handling, SQL connectivity, Picture effects and I/O, encryption and much more.
02 05 15 - 18:09