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Tip of the day: PDF print settings

If your application produces PDF via DynaPDFs, you can include print settings for the PDF Viewer application. For existing PDFs you can import them in DynaPDF and write a new PDF including your print settings.

Print settings can include details like duplex mode with possible settings for default, short edge, long edge or simplex printing. You can ask the PDF Viewer to pick the tray from a laser printer based on the PDF Paper size. You can specify number of copies in range 1 to 5 and ask for no scaling or app default scaling. Finally you can even suggest print ranges to only print some pages.

For FileMaker the MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.1 introduces new commands to handle print settings: DynaPDF.SetPrintSettings, DynaPDF.GetPrintSettings and DynaPDF.GetInPrintSettings.

For Xojo the DynaPDFMBS class has methods including SetPrintSettings, GetPrintSettings and GetInPrintSettings. Related constants like kdpmFlipLongEdge, kdpmFlipShortEdge, kdpmNone and kdpmSimplex help to define values like duplex mode.

Especially the possibility to post process existing PDFs should help. For saving records as PDF from FileMaker provides a PDF which you can customize using our plugin. The biggest plugin in space...
20 03 15 - 15:58