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FileMaker meetings in Texas

As you may know we come to Texas for the Xojo conference in Austin. While we are there, we thought it may be nice to meet some FileMaker developers there. So if you like, we can organize meetings. Simply reserve a table in a restaurant, meet and have dinner together while chatting about FileMaker and plugins.

FileMaker Meeting in Austin
FileMaker Meeting in Dallas
FileMaker Meeting in Houston

We simply offer 3 meetings and see if people are interested. Surveys will be open and once we have a few people for an event, we can decide on the exact date.
On same day, we could of course arrange training or consulting meetings with you in your office to discuss your FileMaker plugin questions.

Location: To be defined. Suggestions welcome.
Cost: Your own meals and drinks. Claris FileMaker Plugin
01 03 15 - 23:29