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Xojo 2015r1 release

Xojo Inc. just released a new version of Xojo, our favored development tool. Again over 100 bugs fixes, a few new things and a couple of changes. The big news is 64bit support for the iOS target, so apps can continue to be available through Apple's app store. Since early February Apple requires 64bit support for applications published to the App Store.

The other new things are an updated icon editor which allows 1024 Pixel big icons. Than there is a new preferences on whether the filter text field should wait before searching for you to finish typing. Structure alignment can now go natively and there is a new TargetARM constant which is true for iOS building.

The plugin SDK has been updated to reflect the new text data type. We updated MBS Plugin for version 15.0 to handle them correctly, but continue to use strings for most functions. If you need a function to take a text and avoid conversion to string, please contact us. There is currently no support for auto data type in the SDK.

I'm happy about a few of the bug fixes. For example the bug with compiler reporting function call as ambiguous if there is a byref in the overloaded method is gone. Also fixed are bugs for comparing numbers to constants and another bug about comparing unsigned integers. Bugs in the compiler are always catastrophic as you get crazy when your code is correct and still produces wrong errors. Those two are bad, but had workarounds and probably 99% never run into them.

A couple of fixes for the new framework help like the fixed memory leaks or broken timers on Windows. Welcome is also the faster sorting, the fix for IDE scripting to build console applications and the fixes on the web framework.

SQLite got updated from 3.8.5 to 3.8.8. This includes a lot of improvements on SQLite itself. Like support for hexadecimal integer literals, the new likely function and a couple of speed optimizations. Beside that over 20 bugs have been fixed in SQLite alone. See SQLite Release History

So if you have been using Xojo 2014, you should checkout if 2015r1 is not the better release. If you are still using Real Studio 2012, it may be time to reevaluate Xojo again and see if 2015r1 release is okay for you to move on. Later this year you may need to move anyway if your clients ask for 64-bit support. The biggest plugin in space...
17 02 15 - 14:26