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PDF Standard Fonts

The PDF format defines 14 standard fonts which you can use without embedding those fonts:
Family nameFull namePostScript nameStyle
CourierCourier BoldCourier-BoldBold
CourierCourier ObliqueCourier-ObliqueItalic
CourierCourier Bold ObliqueCourier-BoldObliqueBold + Italic
HelveticaHelvetica BoldHelvetica-BoldBold
HelveticaHelvetica ObliqueHelvetica-ObliqueItalic
HelveticaHelvetica Bold ObliqueHelvetica-BoldObliqueBold + Italic
TimesTimes RomanTimes-RomanRegular
TimesTimes BoldTimes-BoldBold
TimesTimes ItalicTimes-ItalicItalic
TimesTimes Bold ItalicTimes-BoldItalicBold + Italic

This is great, because those fonts are always available in DynaPDF independent of what the user has installed. Especially with Xojo applications on linux, where DynaPDF doesn't know where system font files are and you have to use them yourself. Same for Xojo Cloud.

If you want to add your own folder with font files, please use AddFontSearchPath (MBS Xojo Plugin) or DynaPDF.AddFontSearchPath (MBS FileMaker Plugin) function.

With DynaPDF and newer, you can use standard fonts also with unicode encoding. Claris FileMaker Plugin
29 01 15 - 11:09