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The trouble with buying used licenses

If you need a license for MBS Plugin, please purchase them through an official channel. We sell them in on our website, through Share-It, in the Xojo web store and the K&K Verlag.

Sometimes it happens that someone tries to sell his license. This is legal and possible, but please check with us to be sure the license key is valid and upgradable. And the license key should be named after the seller, so you know we issued it for him. Actually the license agreement always states that you need to have written authorization to transfer it.

But so far some people trying to sell a MBS license are not honest. They got the key somehow, prefer to get cash and the license key of course does not match their name. Please don't buy such a license key.
Having an illegal license does not help you. If this is detected, you have to buy a new license regularly including updates for the past to get back on the right track. Else the lawyers would force you into destroying all your software using the illegal license. This can include that all your customers have to stop using your software, get their money back and of course sue you for compensation.

So please if you got a license key second hand or plan to get one, please contact us to make sure the license key is legal.

How do we know you use an illegal license key?
Well, you may want to come to use and buy an upgrade. Or a good friend of you wants to put you in trouble and reveals your dirty secret. Third, we download a lot of software and scan them for license keys.

Finally as a developer you should yourself know that people need to pay their license to you for you to make a living. So please apply same rules to the tools you use and pay for them.
25 01 15 - 17:07