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MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.5pr1

New in this prerelease of the 4.5 plugins:
  • Disabled code in OpenSSL trying to load config files.
  • Added MountNotification.Install and MountNotification.Uninstall.
  • Fixed bug with GMImage.Copy function.
  • Fixed bug in Container.GetTypeSize.
  • Fixed a bug with reading container data.
  • Updated to GraphicsMagick 1.3.20.
  • Updated to libJPEG 9.1.
  • Updated to PCRE 8.36.
  • Updated to libPNG 1.6.14.
  • Updated to CURL 7.39.0.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j.
  • Updated LibXL to version 3.6.1.
  • Fixed a bug where server license would not allow use in both Scheduled Scripts and Web Publishing/Direct.
  • Added Webview.Cookies.ClearForURL, Webview.Cookies.Count and Webview.Cookies.Query.
  • Changed Line Numbers to work in FileMaker Pro, too (not just advanced). Please report any window you see which has unnecessary line numbers.
  • Updated to newer SDK.
  • Changed SerialPort.Read and SerialPort.ReadHex to return empty text if no data was available instead of error code 35.
  • Fixed a problem with license network check.
  • Fixed a possible problem with stored registration on Mac.
  • Improved code for future (e.g. better 64-bit support).
  • Added Menubar commands to list menu commands, check if one exists, trigger one or change shortcut or visibility.
  • Added FM.RunDataDesignReport function to automatically write data design reports.
  • PHP support is deprecated and will be removed soon.
  • Window and Webview reference numbers are now numbers returned as text.
  • Functions check now text encoding parameters better and report errors for unknown text encoding values.
  • Added suggestions when you use an unknown plugin function: [MBS] Unknown function: CURL.SetOptionVerifyPeer. Did you mean CURL.SetOptionSSLVerifyPeer?
  • Added DynaPDF.GetTextWidth and DynaPDF.WriteDemoText.
  • Added QuickList.AddList, QuickList.AddQuickList, QuickList.HasValue, QuickList.Remove and QuickList.RemoveValue.
Download at monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/ or ask for being added to the dropbox shared folder. Claris FileMaker Plugin
24 11 14 - 20:34