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MBS Xojo Developer Conference in three weeks

Just three weeks left until the conference starts. If you like to attend, please register soon. We already have participants from 10 countries and the hotel will soon run out of available rooms.

Stéphane Pinel will be present and talk about this topics:

  • What happened in 2014
  • Xojo 2014r3, the iOS take off
  • Works in progress
  • What's next?
  • Q&A
Xojo for iOS in deep
  • iOS support in the IDE
  • Introducing the new Xojo Framework
  • Extending iOS support using Declares
Social networks from Xojo
  • When/Why using social networks from your apps?
  • How to do it?
  • Live examples with Twitter & Facebook
The dates:
17th - Xojo Training in German
18th and 19th - MBS Xojo Conference in English
20th - Xojo Training in English The biggest plugin in space...
28 08 14 - 10:19