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Customer Distribution

for our MBS Complete plugin users, we have this distribution:

Spain: 2%
Switzerland: 3%
Netherlands: 3%
Canada: 3%
Japan: 3%
Australia: 3%
France: 4%
Italy: 4%
United Kingdom: 8%
Germany: 12%
United States: 40%

and just a few in Egypt, Colombia, South Korea, Iceland, Latvia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Macau, Kuwait, Madagaskar, Jamaica, Jordan, Estonia, Cyprus, Uruguay, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Argentina, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Chile, Serbia, Israel, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Czech republic, Namibia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece, India, Thailand, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, Finland, Russia, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Sweden and Belgium.

In general plugin users are living where a lot of people live, who speak some english (to read documentation) and have enough knowledge to do software development and know about Xojo.
15 07 14 - 11:11