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xDev Magazine Issue 12.4

The July/August 2014 (12.4) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's
a quick preview of what's inside:

* What About Swift? * by Marc Zeedar
Apple has introduced a new programming language. How does it compare to Xojo? Marc takes a quick first look at Swift.

* Inside ServerSocket * by Christian Schmitz
Christian explains how to use the ServerSocket control in your own apps, to let you process your own network connections.

* Writing OS X Apps for Game Center * by Tom Baumgartner
Apple's Game Center provides developers with an API for connecting gamers. However, creating a Game Center app with Xojo requires extensive steps. Never fear: Tom's figured it out and will show you how to get started.

* Mercurial and Xojo * by Craig Boyd
Mercurial is a power version control system. Craig likes its command-line interface and shows how to use it with your Xojo projects.

Plus columns on OOP, database design, optimization tricks, creating usable
code, Regex lookarounds, and much more.

* World Cup Sale! *
Don't forget about our World Cup sale -- there's only a couple of weeks left until the 2014 World Cup (and the sale) ends on July 13, 2014. Until then, just use coupon code WORLDCUP to save 15% on your order! (A $25 minimum order is required, but there are no other restrictions. It even works on renewals!)

* * * Print Edition * * *

Would you prefer xDev in print? Now you can! We've partnered with MagCloud, a third party print-on-demand service, and now you can obtain xDev in a full-color printed copy (much higher quality than anything we've offered in the past). Issues 6.5-12.3 are available now (12.4 will be available shortly): rbd.magcloud.com
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