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Tip of the day: Change EXIF metadata

Our XMP plugin can read/write EXIF metadata, IPTC and of course the XMP values:

dim file as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("test.jpg") // use XMPFilesMBS to open file dim flags as integer = XMPFilesMBS.kOpenForUpdate dim xf as new XMPFilesMBS(file, XMPFilesMBS.kUnknownFile, flags) // now read the metadata dim xmp as new XMPMetaMBS dim PacketInfo as XMPPacketInfoMBS dim xmppacket as string if xf.GetXMP(xmp, xmppacket, PacketInfo) then // set a value like here a different GPS altitude xmp.SetProperty xmp.kNS_EXIF, "GPSAltitude", "24695/43" // update file if xf.CanPutXMP(xmp) then xf.PutXMP(xmp) xf.CloseFile(XMPFilesMBS.kUpdateSafely) else MsgBox "Can't update." end if end if
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26 03 14 - 13:33