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Survey Results

We recently did make a survey about a possible Xojo Conference in 2014. From the survey we know that most people already visited a conference. 22% XDC, 50% MBS, 13% other and 35% none. As you see there are a few people who visited several conferences.

And from next question it looks like 90% could come to a conference. Still there are a few people saying no and we got a few xojo bashing comments in the comment section.

For the conference week, the majority doesn't care, but the week in favor by the others is the third one in September. If you like, you could go to Munich after conference and visit Oktoberfest (starting 20th September).

The location is interesting. We got 42% for Koblenz, 13% for Mainz, 28% for Frankfurt, 35% for Munich and 17% for the don't care choice. From comments we know that people love to have an airport next to hotel (like the conference in Atlanta years ago). But also people regularly ask for the bigger cities like Berlin, Paris or London. We'd of course appreciate if Xojo Inc. does a European XDC in fall in addition to an USA based in spring. And than they could go to the bigger places.

Training is also welcome for half of the people. And everyone loves social events, so we'll look into something new. The castle last year was a lot of fun for the attendees. We already got some people to speak there, but no sponsor. So the only sponsor probably will be again MBS paying the deficit.

When considering the location for the new conference, we had a lot of ideas for why to go there or there. A lot of people like to have a big city like Munich, but it's the most expensive option for us. Hotel prices in Munich are even higher than those in Frankfurt for nice hotels near center. Part of the reason the Xojo Developer conference costs what it costs ($750-$950) is that Xojo, Inc. flies in their staff which of course is calculated into the price tag. For us a remote conference like in Frankfurt or Munich would probably cost 2000 Euro more than doing it around the corner here. And that would lead to a higher price per participant of course. So doing it in Koblenz again we can keep prices down and charge the same price as last year (299 Euro). Again we offer early bird price of 249 Euro and speaker price of 149 Euro.

So we are looking forward to Koblenz in September, but final decision depends on the hotel options we have. We'll check that soon.
17 03 14 - 10:45