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MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.1pr3

New in this prerelease of the 14.1 plugins:
  • Added LinuxProcessMBS class.
  • Added WindowsICMProfileMBS.CreateIccProfile function.
  • Changed NSImage*MBS classes to have properties instead of methods, so you see something in debugger. Also added a few more methods.
  • Added MapKit plugin.
  • Added CLLocationCoordinate2DMBS class.
  • Added WebSocketHelperMBS.Unmask parameter.
  • Added NSPrintInfoMBS methods to redirect printing to a file with normal Xojo OpenPrinter command in Cocoa app.
  • Added DirectShowAMCrossbarMBS.PhysicalPinName, DirectShowCaptureGraphBuilderMBS.Crossbar and DirectShowAMCrossbarMBS.BaseFilter functions.
  • Added BackColor and ForeColor properties for BarcodeGeneratorMBS class.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.
04 03 14 - 23:54