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German Xojo Evangelist & Italian Xojo Evangelist Positions

Today was a new forum post with a job offer from Xojo, Inc:

Xojo, Inc. is looking for two qualified and enthusiastic individuals to join our global marketing team as a German Xojo Evangelist and an
Italian Xojo Evangelist. The ideal candidates would be passionate about Xojo and software development, comfortable answering technical and sales related questions, have some experience with other development tools to better enable them to answer technical questions (such as xcode, Live Code, Visual Studio, etc.) and be versed in social media.

Duties include:

  • Conduct Xojo webinars for international audience modeled after English language webinars;
  • Localize Xojo.com website into target language and maintain regularly for changes and new content;
  • Localize provided Google Adwords to increase search traffic;
  • Grow Xojo community by engaging with users on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social media websites;
  • Localize press releases; and
  • Assist with other activities unique to language.
This position is not a full-time position, estimate spending ~10 hours week.

While I like the idea of having more Xojo staff living in Europe, I fear that breaking up contracts with local distributors in German and Italian could have negative effects. We already lost translation of the IDE and still wait for the Xojo manuals in German. Also some people prefer to buy without credit card from a local company instead of buying from Xojo directly. Finally I hope the 10 hours per week is quickly extended because I bet you need more time just for answering support questions...
20 02 14 - 21:16