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Plugin Decision Graph

Just created a plugin decision graph for which plugin file to use for which FileMaker version for Pro or Server.

The rules are here:
  • For FileMaker Pro you need the 32bit version.
  • For FileMaker Server 12 with WebPublishing and for Filemaker 13, you need 64bit plugin.
  • For FileMaker Server 12 with scheduled scripts you need 32 bit plugin.
  • But for FileMaker Server 11 you need 32bit version.
Now as you know which you need, you can pick the right plugin from our archive.

For Mac the plugin in the server folder has 64bit and 32bit code, so you can use it for all FileMaker versions on Mac with Pro and Server.
For Windows, you either need the fmx file or the fmx64 file.

Download image: plugindecision.jpg Claris FileMaker Plugin
19 02 14 - 23:38