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xDev Magazine Issue 12.1

The January/February 2014 (12.1) issue of xDev Magazine is now available.
Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

* Birmingham 2013 * by Richard Duke
Did you miss the Xojo Conference in Birmingham, England last November? Don't worry--Richard's got the complete scoop, along with plenty of photos.

* Window Tricks * by Sam Rowlands
Mac OS can do a lot things automatically for you--if you know how to harness the right Cocoa calls. Sam shows how to get the OS to manage a window menu for you, save and restore window positions, add a document icon proxy, and much more.

* Reporting Valentina * by Paul Budd
Did you get a copy of Valentina Reports with last summer's OmegaBundle? You may have been wondering how to use the software, so Paul gives you step-by-step instructions on using it with Xojo.

* Smart Localization * by Trisha Duke
Localization might seem like something you add last-minute to your application, but it's really something you need to carefully plan. In this article, Trisha reveals her tips and techniques for localizing your Xojo applications.

Plus: Event-driven programming, tips and tricks, database structure, using AddHandler, RegEx, and much more!
07 01 14 - 07:32