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Barcode Generation or Recognition

Did you try recent 13.5pr5 plugin for Xojo & Real Studio?
We have BarcodeGeneratorMBS class to generate a barcode and also the zxing classes to recognize like in this example:
Sub Open() // init generator and encode a Hello World dim g as new BarcodeGeneratorMBS g.Symbology = g.BarcodeQrcode g.BorderWidth = 5 g.Scale = 2 g.Encode "Hello World" // get the barcode and show in window dim p as Picture = g.Picture window1.Backdrop = p // and now recognize it dim b as zxingBinaryBitmapMBS = zxingBinaryBitmapMBS.CreateWithPicture(p) dim x as new zxingQRCodeReaderMBS dim result as zxingResultMBS = x.decode(b) dim bf as zxingBarcodeFormatMBS = result.BarcodeFormat // shows QR_CODE: Hello World MsgBox bf.Name+": "+result.Text Exception r as zxingExceptionMBS MsgBox r.message End Sub

PS: Barcode detection is also coming for our MBS FileMaker plugin. The biggest plugin in space...
12 11 13 - 22:54