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Codesign FileMaker 12v5 Runtime on Mavericks

You can code sign a runtime on Mavericks. But you have to do more work than you might expect:
  • You need to fix the frameworks and include the missing symlinks codesign misses.
  • You have to remove some PPC only libraries to have codesign not complain about them not being signed.
  • You can remove some PPC code (like our Runtime Shrinker app does).
  • You can remove duplicate libraries (like our Runtime Shrinker app does).
  • You code sign each of the frameworks.
  • Than you code sign the dylib.
  • Finally you sign the app.
We put together a shell script for finishing a runtime app. It does all of the above tasks for FileMaker 12 runtimes. You need to adjust the script. Please open it in a text editor (BBEdit, Textwrangler or similar) and change the path to your runtime app, the app name and the name of your certificate. Than run it by dropping it in a terminal window and press return to run. If the script works, the app is fully signed.

You can verify that by running in Terminal running "codesign -v -v " plus path to the app.

Our final terminal script: See MBS Plugin download. Claris FileMaker Plugin
03 11 13 - 11:29