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Xojo 2013r3.1

Just earlier today the Xojo 2013r3.1 release was announced.

This is a minor release with just 3 little fixes. I think the important one is the one I reported:
On a non English system like my German one, I could not save a new project in the version control project.

Once again I would be happy if Xojo Inc. hires an engineer in Europe, so they more quickly discover those bugs which only show on non-english systems.

We don't know the release date of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, but we expect there will be some fixes needed in our plugins and Xojo itself. So I am are looking forward to a Xojo release 3.2 or 4 with changes for Mavericks.

And finally please note that if your license expired between r3 and r3.1 you can still use the new version. For releases the original release date counts against your license expiration key.
08 10 13 - 23:20