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xDev Magazine Issue 11.5

The September/October 2013 (11.5) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • Xojo is a Trip by Keith Colbaugh
    What is it like using Xojo for the first time? Probably nothing like this!
  • Gardening with Xojo by Marc Zeedar
    What does Marc think about when programming? His vegetable garden. What does he think about when gardening? Programming! Now he mixes the two.
  • Tips on Liking Xojo's Navigator by Brad Hutchings
    The new Xojo Navigator is controversial. Some want it thrown out completely. That's unlikely, so Brad's here with some tips to help you like the Navigator.
  • When to Dim by Marc Zeedar
    It's debate time: is it better to "dim" variables at the top of your method or just before you need them?
  • Adventures in Upgrading by Marc Zeedar
    Marc put off upgrading his big app for way too longā€¹moving it to Xojo was a massive task. Perhaps you can learn from his experience.
Plus: Container Controls, Toolbars, SQLiteDatabase, Adjacency Model, more!
In our regular columns we've got articles on Container Controls, Toolbars, SQLiteDatabase, Adjacency Model, and much more. Enjoy!

And if you like, please join the authors team by sending in an article of your topic choice.
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