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MBS Xojo Developer Conference

The MBS Xojo conference is approaching soon. With over 40 attendees from 11 countries so far, we have the biggest event ever in Europe for Xojo and Real Studio developers!
This is your chance to meet a lot of other developers. Of course you can travel next year to Las Vegas, but our conference may be closer to your home and easier to get to.

Also we add a new session about web development with Torsten Grube from matchingIT GmbH. They develop a web portal called ActionItem.Tracker and he will talk about how they did it and what things you need to take care of. Especially how they handle session management, emails, security and user interface.

So we have various topics and sessions about desktop, web and iOS included. See you soon in Koblenz!

More details about the conference and registration on the website.
07 08 13 - 13:22