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Castle Ehrenburg

Yesterday we visited the Ehrenburg castle to check the location. It's a nice castle in the hills a few miles away from Koblenz and the landscape is quite nice. We'll take a bus from the hotel there and walk the way to the castle (400 meter). For that walk, you better bring sturdy shoes and a coat. In the castle we'll have a guided tour and dinner with some show elements right in the upper castle.

Next to the conference hotel is a shopping area with a HIT supermarket. Also there is a kiosk selling magazines with an integrated post and lotto shop. Also there is a bakery, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, two ATMs (Sparkasse and Postbank), a fashion shop and a beverage store.

if you like, you can still join the conference: MBX Xojo Developer Conference The biggest plugin in space...
30 07 13 - 12:43