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A ship tour on the Rhine river

Today we did a little ship tour on the Rhine. There are ship companies which drive the Rhine up and down like a bus line. So you can simply buy a ticket and go on a ship. A few miles later you can simply go off and take the next one back. So here a panorama viewing from St. Goar to St. Goarshausen on the other side.

And on the trip back I did take photos of a few of the castles there:

On the ship we counted more than 30 indian people, at least 20 asian (Japanese maybe), a few french and even a few US americans. One family was from Ohio :-)
This reminds me that we live in a holiday destination. A lot of people come each year to see the landscape, the cities and the old castles.

So if you like to visit the area, how about connecting this with our Xojo conference and training?
Visit the conference and add a few days. If you stay the whole week after the conference, you can even go to Munich and enjoy the original Octoberfest there! The biggest plugin in space...
21 07 13 - 22:38