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AVFoundation done

So finally I'm through all the AVFoundation classes. With 80 new classes, 15 examples and 1600 documented items, one of the biggest additions to our Xojo (Real Studio) Plugins in the last years.

AVFoundation is Apples current framework for audio/video and a replacement for QuickTime & QTKit frameworks. You can:
  • Play audio and video
  • Record audio and video
  • Build Compositions from different source assets
  • Control audio mixing
  • Export assets to different file formats
  • Create thumbnails of videos
  • Extract frames from videos and build videos from frames
And AVFoundation uses threads a lot for best performance. Nearly all operations work in background, so you can keep your app very responsive while getting a twelve core Mac Pro busy.

Please try the new plugin soon and if you see an issue, please report it. The biggest plugin in space...
07 07 13 - 19:52