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xDev Magazine Issue 11.4

The July/August 2013 (11.4) issue of xDev Magazine -- formerly Real Studio Developer -- is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • Succeed with Xojo * by Richard Duke
    Achieving business success with Xojo requires more than just programming knowledge. Richard Duke shares some of the secrets from his XDC 2013 (Xojo Developer's Conference) presentation on how to make sure your business prospers.
  • Simulating Blackjack * by Jens Bendig
    If you're a Xojo programmer and you lose at blackjack in Las Vegas, what do you do? Naturally you write your own simulator so that you can practice your strategies without losing your shirt! Jens shares his code and explains how he developed his Xojo project.
  • Free Xojo Features * by Marc Zeedar
    Now that the Xojo IDE is free for everyone, there are no longer features restricted to "professional" and "enterprise" users. But if you haven't been using those advanced versions, you may not realize all the goodies you can now access, such as profiling and IDE Scripting. Marc explains how to use all these free "new" features.
In our regular columns we've got articles on using the new Xojo Forums, SQLite full-text searching, SQL tables, Xojo Tips, and much more. Enjoy! The biggest plugin in space...
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