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Xojo Pricings: Beware the end of Academic Licenses and update now!

Real Software posted an article on the blog about the new pricing for Xojo: Coming Soon - New Pricing (Recap).

One of the new pricing scheme, there is one thing missing: Academic licenses.
They will go away as people learning Xojo can simply use the free IDE. While that's right and some people really enjoy the upgrade (e.g. personal to Desktop), I think some people will be disappointed.

So if you have an academic license and you want to be able to build with Xojo, you may simply go and get a 2 year update now. This way you can use the academic upgrade to extend your licenses for one or two years. Remember, if you have a personal academic license now, you can upgrade for now for about $49 per year, but after June 4 you have to upgrade a desktop license for $150 per year. Similar for Pro licenses.

Everyone should update before Xojo release unless you have a Commercial Enterprise license which is the only one which does not increase price for keeping same features.

PS: I repost this today as we discovered today that we have two additional personal licenses ourself which we update now.
30 05 13 - 22:05