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MBS Real Studio Plugins, version 13.1pr9

New in this prerelease of the 13.1 plugins:
  • Added drag events to custom cocoa control classes.
  • Added NSDraggingInfoMBS and NSDraggingSessionMBS classes.
  • Fixed bug in acceptsFirstMouse event in custom cocoa control classes.
  • Changed code for dictionary conversion to handle QTTimeMBS and QTTimeRangeMBS better.
  • Added MacKeychainMBS module.
  • Fixed GIFPaletteMBS.Count, so you can set to 256 again.
  • Fixed a drawing issue in IDE for Real Studio 2013r1 for some of our controls.
  • Added RawData and DataMemory properties to WindowsMidiInputMBS events.
  • Updated LCMS2 to 2.5 beta from 23nd March 2013 to get some bug fixes.
  • Fixed a crash with WindowsMidiMBS.InputDevice function.
  • Added NSFilePresenterMBS.primaryPresentedItemURL and NSFileCoordinatorMBS.itemAtURLwillMoveToURL.
  • Added IKImageBrowserCellMBS, IKImageBrowserItemMBS and IKImageBrowserViewMBS classes.
  • Added CALayerMBS and CATransactionMBS classes.
  • Fixed SetVisibleThreadSafeMBS and SetEnabledThreadSafeMBS for being called on main thread on Mac.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder. The biggest plugin in space...
25 03 13 - 23:31