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Personal Training Sessions

Today I had a training session with a developer using both Filemaker and Real Studio. Topic was on how to connect to a Filemaker Server from Real Studio Web Edition and do all the database stuff: List tables & records, edit a record, delete a record and update a record.
I can tell you it's just working fine.
Of course it's your decision if you go with (Instant) Web Publishing or Filemaker Go to fill your database on the go. But with Real Studio you can build native desktop clients, web clients and soon iOS clients. Much more customized to your needs than anything from Filemaker.

Need a training?
If you need more than watching Bob Keeney's excellent training videos, you can order your personal training from us. From an hour remote to a multi day meeting in your/our office, there are a lot of possibilities. Just ask and provide a list of topics.
22 02 13 - 18:14