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JPEG String to Picture

Dan Berghult did recently some speed testing with reading images from a database:

I just run some tests:

Case 1: IdxField(1) is a PICT: 14 ticks to process this record 1000 times

vPicture= BuildPictureWithPicHandleDataMBS(vRS.IdxField(1).NativeValue)

Case 2 IdxField(1) is JPG Using build in conversion from JPG 515(!)

vPicture= vRS.IdxField(1).JPEGValue

Case 3: IdxField(1) is JPG Using JPEGImporterMBS 15(!)
vJpg.data=vRS.IdxField(1).StringValue //15

So in my case using your class JPEGImporterMBS is 340% faster then the RB-build function and as fast as when I render the PICT.

Plattform: The test was done on Mac but Appl runs on Mac and Win
Real Studio Version: 2012r2
MBS Plugin Version: 12.5
Database: PrimeBase Data Server (SQL)
Database connection: PrimeBase RS Plugin

The application it self is of image archive type.

So if you like speed, please implement several ways and use the fastest :-)
20 02 13 - 13:13