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Multithreaded plugin functions can increase speed of Real Studio application

This is a new example app for upcoming 13.1pr1 plugins:

Do you notice that with 4 Real Studio threads, the plugin can actually get 4 CPU cores busy and get work done faster?

Over the last months we added quite a few MT methods. That are plugin methods which perform work on an extra preemptive thread which the Real Studio thread calling them yields CPU time away. And if you use several threads in Real Studio already, this will help you keep more CPU cores busy.
For 13.1pr1 we add this new MT aware functions for loading/saving NSImage/CIImage:
  • NSImageMBS.TIFFRepresentationMT and NSImageMBS.TIFFRepresentationUsingCompressionMT
  • NSImageMBS.PNGRepresentationMT
  • NSImageMBS.JPEGRepresentationMT and NSImageMBS.JPEGRepresentationWithCompressionFactorMT
  • NSImageMBS.BMPRepresentationMT
  • NSImageMBS.GIFRepresentationMT
  • NSImageMBS.imageWithContentsOfURLMT
  • NSImageMBS.imageWithContentsOfFileMT
  • NSImageMBS.imageWithContentsOfPathMT
  • NSImageMBS.imageWithDataMT
  • CIImageMBS.imageWithDataMT
  • CIImageMBS.imageWithContentsOfFileMT
Also we have a couple of existing functions:
  • SQLDatabaseMBS.SQLSelectMT and SQLDatabaseMBS.SQLExecuteMT
  • SQLConnectionMBS SQLSelectMT and SQLConnectionMBS SQLExecuteMT
  • SQLConnectionMBS SQLSelectAsRecordSetMT
  • SQLCommandMBS ExecuteMT and SQLCommandMBS ExecuteCommandMT
  • PictureMBS.ScaleMT
  • DynaPDFRasterizerMBS.RenderPageMT
  • DNSUtilMBS.LookupMT
  • DNSLookupMBS.LookupHostbyNameMT and DNSLookupMBS.LookupHostbyAddressMT
  • CURLSMBS.PerformMT
  • CURLMBS.PerformMT
  • ABAddressBookMBS.sharedAddressbookMT
If you have ideas for other methods which could benefit from loading work off to another CPU core, please don't hesitate to contact us. The biggest plugin in space...
13 02 13 - 16:15