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Plugin cleaned up

In order to prepare plugins for the future, we cleanup and fixed a couple of things for the plugin version 13.0. The new Real Studio 2013 releases will require some plugin SDK changes as we should stop using deprecated functions. Also for 64 bit functions a lot of deprecated functions will no longer be supported, so it's really time for every plugin vendor to no longer depend on them.

We now use RBBoolean, RBUInt64, RBColor and RBInteger data types everywhere instead of int/long data types. For all string access we now use REALGetStringData for RS 2012 instead of the older accessors PString, CString, REALGetStringContents and REALGetCString.

This was so far a lot of work and has no direct visible effect except that maybe a 100 functions changed their parameters a little bit. Like passing now UInt32 instead of integer.

The following plugins already compile fine for Mac 64 bit so far:
Linux, DirectShow, CanonEOSDigital, Lion, CocoaBase, SnowLeopard, MountainLion, CUPS, WIA, LCMS, LCMS2, WinDragDrop, WinICM, DynaPDF, Overlay, LargePicture, QuickTime, VLC, Audio, JPEG, Java, Compression, RegEx, GIF, XMP, Tidy, Tiff, PNG, ImageMagick, Leopard, QTKit, MacOSXCG, PHP, Main, Controls, DataTypes, Win and CocoaExtras. Other plugins still need more work.
09 02 13 - 18:01