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Real Studio 2012 Release 2 Now Available

Real Studio 2012 Release 2 is now available! With more than 100 improvements and 7 new features, this release includes:
  • 30+ OS X Cocoa updates
  • 20+ Web updates
  • 10+ Windows updates
  • 10+ Linux updates
  • A new Web Control SDK that allows you to create web controls for use in Real Studio web applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. This makes it possible to use JQuery and other web frameworks in Real Studio web apps.
  • Faster remote debugging for improved cross-platform support
  • A WebCanvas for easily creating graphical, interactive custom controls
  • Crypto module (Hashing) with support for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, HMAC and PBKDF2 for 1-way encryption.
  • Web applications can now easily be localized to support multiple languages in exactly the same way you localize desktop applications.
  • PostgreSQL SSL support for improved security
To download 2012 Release 2, visit realsoftware.com/download. The biggest plugin in space...
11 12 12 - 14:58