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The story behind syntax highlighting in Filemaker

Roland wrote a blog article on the-tao-of-filemaker.com about how we started with the syntax highlighting in Filemaker with our plugin.

In english, as his blog entry is in German:

Saturday night after the FileMaker conference in Salzburg: a few participants sat together in a casual round in the hotel bar, drank a couple of beers and discussed - what a surprise: FileMaker. "Oh," I said. "Syntax highlighting, that would be cool." - "Hhm, let's see ...", Christian Schmitz of Monkey Bread Software murmured almost inaudibly.

Sunday I received an email from Christian. "Check out the latest beta version."
Overnight Christian has implemented the syntax highlighting in FileMaker scripts and in the formula editor!

Gradually he refines the features. Fine, fine!

I want to show current status: A picture is worth a thousand words. Christian, I say THANK YOU!

Thanks to Roland for the idea and for the help on testing it. If you like, to try it, please download our beta plugin. Claris FileMaker Plugin
31 10 12 - 21:23