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Notes on Windows 8

  • Windows 8 can be downloaded for free as 90 day test version. Search for Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation.
  • How should I use this with a normal mouse? I hope Apple never has the crazy idea to run desktops with iOS!
  • Maps shows for my village images which are something like 5 years old. They show a factory which was teared down years ago. Google Earth shows the factory was away 2009 and grass already growing there.
  • Do not press windows key by mistake. You get back to main screen.
  • Real Studio seems to run just fine with our plugins.
  • All of our plugins load file. Verified with Plugin Load Check app.
  • Seems like security was tightened. ProcessMBS class seems to no longer see other processes.
  • Controls adopt the new style in view automatically. Custom controls may need to be updated to not look strange compared to native ones.
In general it looks like for our plugins, Windows 8 is just another Windows 7 with a new theme.
26 10 12 - 09:39