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Tip of the day: Web Edition on Windows with xampp

If you use xampp on Windows to easily install apache, you also get perl and everything else you need to run your Web App made in Real Studio. But soon you will see error messages like

couldn't create child process 720003


couldn't spawn child process

To fix this, please open the cgi created by Real Studio and look for the first line. This line is normally "#!/usr/bin/perl -w" and called the shebang line. It tells apache where to find the application to run this script. But on Windows, there is a no folder usr on the hard disc usually, so you get the errors above.
You can fix it easily and add your path. For example for us it is "#!c:\xampp\perl\bin\perl.exe -w". With the modified version of the cgi, the web app does now start. As the cgi is the same for all Real Studio Web Apps of a given Real Studio version, you can simply reuse it for all your projects.
16 10 12 - 11:52