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Licenses per developer

Do you work alone or do you have several developers working with Real Studio or Filemaker?
Well, not sure if you know, but the license from Real Software is given per developer. So if you have three people working with Real Studio, you also need three licenses.
The rules are similar for Filemaker products, but you often have volume licenses for using Filemaker in bigger companies.

For our plugins, we also sell licenses per developer. We do not count which platform you use or if you have several desktop and/or laptop computers.

Also you should know that for businesses the Mac App Store sells software per user. So a company needs to have several licenses of Mac OS X 10.8, one for each user. But for the Mac Developer Programm members, the Mac OS X licenses are included as far as I see and covered for all Macs you use for development/testing. A private consumer only needs one license for all of his computers.

Licensing is not always easy and if you have questions or we can assist you, please contact us. Claris FileMaker Plugin
22 08 12 - 12:50