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Encrypted QuickTime Movies

As you may know we have plugin functions to load and play encrypted Quicktime movies. That's great as you can use a simple XOR or a more secure AES encryption for this.
We revisited code after we got a notice from a plugin user that there is a bug. First tests showed no bug, but when you play 10 AES encrypted videos the same time in app in endless loops, it'll finally crash after a few minutes.
So we refactored some code to clean it up, made it shorter and found indeed a few situations where things can go bad in case of stress situations. You can imaging that having several asynchronously requests running from the movie player to read various parts of the video file. Now those requests run on separated threads and may even be cancelled. Now it looks fine and I think this plugin is better than before.

Also we added a second XOR mode which takes xors the position, too. This way the bytes look more random. XOR is in general faster than AES, but this is your choice. And if needed, we can even implement a custom encryption just for you.

For QTKit and maybe a future AVFoundation plugin I'm not sure how to do the same, especially with 64 bit targets. But we'll see. Probably load video file in memory, decode and open as movie from memory like OpenMovieFromStringMBS.

This changes will be included in next plugin prerelease, probably tomorrow.
25 06 12 - 09:53