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Shrinking Filemaker runtimes

If your filemaker runtime is a little bit too big for you, you can make them a little bit smaller on Mac.

Right click on the application and look into the contents of the application bundle.
First you can look inside Resources folder and find there the language folders. Here you can delete a few if you like. But please keep at least one language.

Next you can check the frameworks folder. There it looks like that you can remove those dylib files:


There you can also delete those PowerPC components in the same folder:


And now with Terminal help you can use lipo command. For each dylib in the Frameworks folder, please rename it. The command in terminal for each file is lipo followed with path to the old dylib, than -remove ppc7400 -output followed by the original path of the file.
You can apply the same to the OpenSSL library in the OpenSSL.framework folder.

And if you still need a few bytes, you can decide if you need icon files like: FM12Dict.icns, FM12Label.icns and FM12Plug.icns.

This tip is of course at your own risk! But for some people it's interesting and as long as everything works, it does not harm you. Maybe someone at Filemaker Inc. can check why they have those duplicate dylibs and why they still ship PPC code.

On the end, the solution is down from 154.5 MB to 65.9 MB. Nearly 90 MB saved and still working with Filemaker 11 and 12! Claris FileMaker Plugin
17 06 12 - 22:26