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DynaPDF Improvements

A couple of users are receiving notifications this month about their DynaPDF license expiring. While you can continue to use old plugin with old license, we ask everyone to order an update to benefit from new features and bug fixes in the future. To give you an idea what changed over the last year in DynaPDF, here is an overview:

The rasterizer got updated regularly to better handle all the PDF features. We want to provide a robust PDF reader which can read all the broken PDF files you may find on users computers. With the addition of functions like RenderPDFFile, RenderPageToImage and AddRasImage, we made it much simpler to render directly into a jpeg, tiff or png file. This is very useful for best performance in Web Edition applications. Of course you can still render into pictures in memory or to memory blocks.

A few features have been added to the rasterizer over time to complete PDF render features. This includes soft masks, transparency groups, blend modes, axial shadings, shading and tiling patterns, vertical text writing mode and much more. Also the rasterizer engine got a couple of optimizations, especially with clipping. And you can run the raster process in a working thread and receive updates on progress to show PDF while rendering it.

DynaPDF now has Color Matching. This is used for rasterization so we can color match RGB, CMYK, Gray and Lab colors to RGB for displaying on screen.

DynaPDF got support for huge PDFs. It can read PDFs larger than 2 GB and output PDFs at a maximum size of 4 GB. Of course we have a couple of functions to keep memory usage low as such big files won't fit into memory. You can import PDF files with using proxies, so we do not load PDF data in memory until we need it. Also with using UserUnit functions you can create even larger PDFs in page size by changing pixel grid.

For the general PDF library, we got a couple of new functions like inserting bookmarks. Font handling has been improved to work with more fonts including old style resource fork Mac fonts and CID Fonts. Also there is now a JBIG Decoder, a lossless image compression standard.
18 05 12 - 12:43