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Now offering bundles with Real Studio and MBS Plugin licenses

We have been reselling a few Real Studio licenses over the years. And we think we should offer you that service in the future with attractive bundles. So if you need a plugin licenses and Real Studio licenses, you can now order them from us together as a package with a discount.

So in combination with buying a plugin license (new or update), we offer this Real Studio prices:

Real Studio Enterprise with 12 month updates:629 €
Real Studio Enterprise with 24 month updates:939 €
Real Studio Professional with 18 month updates:289 €
Real Studio Professional with 6 month updates:189 €

All prices plus VAT if required.
To make this low prices possible, we have reduce the payment options and limit this to transactions going through Paypal or bank transfer.
As Real Studio has hundreds of update combinations, please ask for a quote for your Real Studio license needs.

Now if you combine this with our existing bundles, you can save some money. For example:

Real Studio Enterprise with 24 month updates:1128 €
MBS Real Studio DynaPDF Pro Plugin:799 €
MBS Real Studio Complete Plugin:199 €
total, sold separated:2126 €
total, with MBS Bundle:1888 €

12% saved. To order simply send us an email and we write an invoice for you. The biggest plugin in space...
24 01 12 - 17:11