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New Real Studio User Groups for Switzerland and Leipzig (East Germany)

We had discussions about meetings with Real Studio users in Leipzig (East Germany) and in Switzerland. With more than 200 swiss Real Studio users, having meetings in Zurich oder other destinations, sounds like a great idea. And the area near Leipzig where German states Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt meet has also more than 100 Real Studio developers. And as other cities like Berlin are close, people can also come from farer away for a meeting.

We started today an user group on google for people interested in joining a meeting:

groups.google.com/group/RealStudioCH for swiss
groups.google.com/group/RealStudioLeipzig for east Germany around Leipzig

Please join us and see you soon there. We gather interested people now, so we can discuss location, date and agenda soon. And please tell other Real Studio developers about this group.

For our london group we a currently waiting for hotel confirmation, so I think we can announce soon a few dates. And the group in Baden-Württemberg has meeting next week (20th January). The biggest plugin in space...
09 01 12 - 18:31