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Real Studio Developer Magazine 10.2 published

The January/Feburary 2012 (10.2) issue of Real Studio Developer is now
  • Is Outsourcing the Answer? * by Tam Hanna
    Have you considered outsourcing some of your programming (or non-programming) work overseas? Tam shares his experiences and offers advice for those considering the option.
  • Real Studio Database Days * by Bob Keeney
    By all accounts the most recent Real Studio conference in Germany was a rousing success. Most of us couldn't be there, however. Read Bob's report to learn what you missed!
  • Gummy Globals * by Jens Bendig
    We know that using global variables is bad, but why is that and what can you do if you've already done it? Jens shares an interesting solution that doesn't eliminate globals, but minimizes the problems they cause.
  • The Assumption Approach * by Marc Zeedar
    Have you built a project with bailing wire and duct tape because you weren't confident in your skills? You pay for that in the long run. Instead, try assuming you'll succeed and build it the right way from the beginning.
In our regular columns we've got articles on how to use Real Studio's new transparency features, database news, building a Web API, looking back toward the future year, and much more. Enjoy!

PS: Don't have a subscription to read this issue? No problem, post over the weekend a comment here and we raffle a free 3 issue subscription to one of the commenters. Don't forget to leave your email address.
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