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Congratulations to our winners

Okay, time ended for the quiz, so let's look who won. First we had a few duplicates and a few spammers to remove. The right answer was 30th December 2001 and I was really surprised that so many people found that. You can find it for example on the realsoftware.com website,

The rest is random number playing:
  • DynaPDF Lite for Khai Wee Toh
  • DynaPDF Starter for Heinz Wieczorek
  • 30% Discount for Real Software for Christian Sandmann
  • 20% Discount for Real Software for Julen Ibarretxe
  • RBD Coupon for Gavin Smith
  • RBD Coupon for Dennis Birch
  • RBD Coupon for Mahyar Shariat
  • RBD Coupon for Edwin Lau
  • RBD Coupon for Stefan Hierlmeier
  • RBD Coupon for Paul Lefebvre
Congratulations for the winners and have a great Christmas time!
Emails to the winner and participants will be sent later. The raffle was done between all the people with the correct year number. The biggest plugin in space...
13 12 11 - 13:38