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Congratulations to our winners

Okay, time ended for the quiz, so let's look who won. First we had a few duplicates and a few spammers to remove. The right answer was 30th December 2001 and I was really surprised that so many people found that. You can find it for example on the realsoftware.com website,

The rest is random number playing:
  • DynaPDF Lite for Khai Wee Toh
  • DynaPDF Starter for Heinz Wieczorek
  • 30% Discount for Real Software for Christian Sandmann
  • 20% Discount for Real Software for Julen Ibarretxe
  • RBD Coupon for Gavin Smith
  • RBD Coupon for Dennis Birch
  • RBD Coupon for Mahyar Shariat
  • RBD Coupon for Edwin Lau
  • RBD Coupon for Stefan Hierlmeier
  • RBD Coupon for Paul Lefebvre
Congratulations for the winners and have a great Christmas time!
Emails to the winner and participants will be sent later. The raffle was done between all the people with the correct year number.
13 12 11 - 13:38