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Quiz ends tonight

As you know we raffle off a few discount coupons, DynaPDF licenses and RS Developer Magazine subscriptions. And we run a sale on DynaPDF licenses with a 15% discount.
Don't miss it! Enter the quiz here.

to answer a few of the questions from comments on the quiz:
  • Thanks to everyone for gratulations and thank you messages.
  • It's okay to use a web search to get the result.
  • I was suprised for several people knowing exact day. So maybe we raffle top prices within the participants with exact date and other prices with all with right year. We'll see.
  • Wether it's Real Studio or REALbasic? That name change didn't change the product.
  • We are looking for version 1.0 of the collection, not some individual plugin we had before.
  • Also the quiz is not about the founding date of our company.
  • If you want to correct your answer, simply enter again. We'll remove your older guess.
12 12 11 - 13:22