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More Real Studio related notes

  • Want to reset a dialog in Web Edition? You can use code like this:
    Dialog11 = new WebDialog1
    Basically you replace the existing dialog instance on your webpage with a fresh copy.
  • Real Studio Atlanta group meets: 6th December 2011, 6-9pm.
    This group exists for nearly 2 years now and if you have a chance to go close to Atlanta, be sure to visit them.
  • Seattle Real Studio user Group meets 10th December 2011, 10-12am.
    Maybe closer to people living on the west coast...
  • If you plan to use Real Studio 20011r4 or newer, be sure to update to our 11.3 plugins soon. We had to change a few things in order to keep plugins running.
  • Get your Real World ticket today. Until 2nd December 2011, you get tickets with a $200 discount.
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