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Filemaker Notes

We improved the documentation. In the future the list of functions also show the first sentence of documentation so you can get an idea on what the function is about. Also we show whether it works on Mac and Windows.

Function selectors are now ignoring case
Not sure why we didn't do that before, but now all the function names are accepted in any case. So SystemInfo.ComputerName and Systeminfo.ComputerName are both valid. You'll see that change soon in 2.5 prerelease versions.

GMImage.Scale options
GMImage.Scale can do much more than you may think. You can use % for the geometry. If you don't specify height or width, the other value is calculated. With < or > you can specify that pictures should only be resized if they are smaller or bigger than the target size. We update documentation for this.

Filemaker Conference 2012
We plan to attend the 2012 Filemaker conference in Salzburg. Mainly for the German speaking Filemaker users and this time in Austria. Hope to see you there! see filemaker-konferenz.com/2012/
18 11 11 - 21:26