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Quick notes from last week

  • If you need an html editor on Mac, you can use htmlviewer and make it editable with htmlviewer1.EditableMBS = true. For Windows, it's IEEditableMBS.
  • To give a print job a name with Carbon Print classes, use JobName property on Print Settings class.
  • DynaPDF, ChartDirector and SQL Plugins can have a different version than the other plugins, as they have their own license scheme.
  • Seems like I got Xcode 3.x working on Lion, so I can continue with PPC support once I upgradet to Mac OS X 10.7.x! I must upgrade in order to compile plugins for iCloud.
  • DynaPDF will have new page cache. Currently Windows only. I think I'll implement it for the plugins as soon as it's crossplatform (Mac+Win) at least.
  • I put the Filemaker 2.4 final plugins online. They got delayed,but are ready for some time now. If nothing goes wrong, release is tomorrow with announcement.
The biggest plugin in space...
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