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Quick notes from last week

  • UTF8 validation makes RegEx very slow. We'll disable it in next plugins by default. Also we'll make sure with ConvertEncoding that all strings are UTF-8.
  • That is globalization: Our new floor tiles are from the U.A.E.. They came by truck over 6646 km and still aren't expensive. Check the route here
  • If you see message about deprecated CPSGetFrontProcess function in console, don't worry about it. That's an internal framework function called by some other Apple framework. Seems like one side of Apple doesn't care for other side of Apple deprecated something.
  • Next plugins will have ImageMagick with 8, 16 or 32 bit Quantum size. If you miss an ImageMagick function in the plugin, please email and we'll add it.
  • Bob blogged about our Real Studio Database Days on bkeeneybriefs.com. I hope he can make it.
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03 10 11 - 19:44