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Notes from the last days

  • Real Studio 2011r4 will be the last release that supports Mac OS X 10.4, see blog.
  • Real World 2012 Registration Now Open! Register Early & Save $200 + 30% off your next order at our store! see Real Software Store
  • You have problems with PDF rastering in DynaPDF? Please check our latest plugins (11.3pr) with newer versions of DynaPDF. A lot of features have been added and a lot of bugs are fixed now.
  • We completed NSURLDownloadMBS class, so you can now do downloads with this. It's the same engine used in Safari. Also we extended NSURLRequestMBS and NSMutableURLRequestMBS.
  • Updated our VLC plugin for 1.1.11 for a client.
  • Got an Canon EOS 1100D. Nice camera. And Canon has an SDK, so there may be a new plugin for those cameras later this year!
  • Norman has a tip for including fonts into your app in Mac OS X. see blog
  • Please don't call Constructors outside a new call. They often don't handle the case where they need to cleanup before they create new objects, so you have a leak. We fix it of course, when we know about some special needs to do this.
28 09 11 - 14:21